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About Mountain Contracting

Mountain Contracting is just as it sounds. We are a company working with the mountains, around the mountains, and for the mountains. In this excavation business, we strive to accommodate our client’s dreams while understanding and preserving the beauty and integrity of nature. We have years of experience operating and maintaining machines while developing new ways to work efficiently and effectively.

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Septic Tank & System

Dealing with septic tank problems in Boulder?  It’s best to let the professionals at Mountain Contracting take care of the job.

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Sewer Lines

Sewer lines provide a valuable service to Boulder properties. Primarily, they work to direct sewage and waste away from structures and into the city sewer system.

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Water Lines

Does your property have leaky pipes or a slow drain? The team at Mountain Contracting can help! When it comes to water line repair, installation, and replacement in Boulder

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General Excavation

The water supply line to your building is a vital part of your infrastructure. But what if it stops working?

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Septic Tank Pumps

Serving Boulder, CO Mountain Contracting has been taking great care of homeowners for over 24 years. We all know how quickly things go bad when your residential plumbing or septic tank system malfunctions.


"They were amazing! Quick and responsive, the team at Mountain Contracting made the process easy."
Jimmy Waters